Hybrid Automation

First, we build an Walmart WFS and Dropshipping business. We establish initial contracts to test product velocity and profitability. Walmart’s reporting dashboard and our analytics gives us critical intelligence and serves as baseline data for all three stores.

Flexibility With Fulfillment Models

It's very easy to control your revenue split between Dropshipping and WFS in this model. If you have more cash on hand than credit to scale the store, we can tailor the business towards WFS and have a higher percentage of wholesale orders. If you have more credit than cash, we can do the opposite.

Just like all our other programs, these stores are built around each clients exact budget, funding type, profit goals, and more.

Most Diversified E-commerce Program

The contracts we establish for your business allow you to sell products on most regulated marketplaces. 

We aren't just focusing on a small amount of products either. We don't want to put all our eggs in one basket and find that one "winning product". Once scaled, each store will have a minimum of 150 products. 

Requires Large Working Capital

The Hybrid Program requires a larger amount of working capital since we need to fund and ensure all six revenue streams have the ability to operate freely. To enter this program it's recommended you have a minimum $10,000 available in credit and/or cash to fund the business.

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We Handle Your Entire Operation

Rest assured this is 100% a passive investment. Our team of hundreds of experts will handle listing products on your business, repricing listings, placing orders with distributors, customer service, and everything else in between

Client Portal For Transparency

At any point in time, you can login to your client portal and see exactly which brands we have applied to be authorized distributors for, which brands we have been approved for, sales data, and all other relevant information for your business.

No Marketing Expense

We work with nothing but top tier brands in the USA. When we sell their products, we don't need to pay to advertise. The brands will handle all the marketing for us.

No Warehouse Expense

We don't have product returns ship to our Clients home like other agencies do. All your warehouse needs are included in our programs free of charge. This includes return processing, product inspection, fulfillment of returns, and much more.

For FBA, we will handle 100% of warehouse / prep needs for the business in-house. That means you get the best pricing possible and bigger margins.

Category and Brand Ungating

Ecom Autopilot has all the required documentation to get your business ungated for top tier brands and restricted categories.

*Note: We've seen many agencies claim they can get your business ungated for specific brands, however being ungated for a brand on Amazon DOES NOT mean you you have approval to sell their products. Your business still need a distributor contract with an authorized retailer to sell branded products.

The Only E-Commerce Program With Real Passive Income Stream

One Marketplace And Two Fulfillment Solutions, All Making You Mone

All The Benefits Of Dropshipping And WFS Included

Visit Our WFS or Dropshipping Service Pages and see both the models Hybrid is composed of. Every Walmart store is already split in half with a WFS side of the business and FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant / Dropshipping). When you enter Dropshipping or WFS, we only operate on one side of the Walmart store. In Hybrid, we scale both models independently at 100% capacity effectively creating multiple revenue streams

Hedge Against All Risk by Diversifying Business Models and Platforms

At Ecom Autopilot, we don’t believe in putting all our eggs in one basket. We aren’t going to find you that “one winning product”. We are going to build an established and professional online business where you are earning revenue and profit from selling a diverse group of products from laptops and computers to popular after-school snacks to brand-name makeup across multiple marketplaces. We don’t have to spend a dime on advertising since every brand we work with does it for us.

Your Future Starts Here

Join our network of hundreds of successful e-commerce sellers who make thousands daily selling on Amazon and Walmart